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Fundamental to the success of your financial future is a partner that understands your vision, maintains integrity and confidentiality, is available to answer your questions, proactive about ensuring your goals are always being met, and up to date with what is happening in the financial markets.

We are aligned with well known leading financial Business Partners and are thereby able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions that fit your unique profile.


Adfinity Financial Services provides solutions to all those requiring financial freedom. We do this for you – from your first pay cheque to asset accumulation and family financial planning to retirement, investments and business financials – and for businesses, ranging from SMME’s to complex family heirloom businesses. Take control of your finances today and you will reach your financial goals sooner.

Each client’s portfolio is stored and administered on a secure, centralised system. A personal portfolio administrator is appointed to each client. Our services give you financial peace of mind on your life’s journey, and include:

  • Portfolio Administration

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Investments & Savings Strategies
  • Retirement Planning

  • Personal Risk Management

  • Will and Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Business Protection and Planning

  • Employee Benefits

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  • Portfolio administration

  • Tracking all portfolio activities

  • Implementation of new products and strategies

  • Maturities instruction on existing products

  • Switching between funds and administrators

  • Change of personal information when required

  • Storage of Financial Needs Analysis / FICA documents

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A consultation is conducted by an appointed FSCA accredited financial advisor. Each advisor, with their administrator, will attend to a limited number of clients. Clients can select the number of consultations required per year as part of their service agreement.

The set agenda we follow:

  • Market overviews

  • Personal portfolio overview

  • Recommendations regarding existing financial planning strategies

  • Implementation strategy

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We strongly believe that the integration of the estate planning forms part of a comprehensive financial plan.

This includes:

  • Estate analysis

  • Drafting of an executable will

  • Free storage wills

  • Structuring of trusts and maintenance thereof via our business partners

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As part of our portfolio management function, we offer a comprehensive personal risk assessment.

Special attention is given to the following areas:

  • Debt settlement strategy in the event of death or disability

  • Income provision to support families in the event of death or disability

  • Estate liquidity

  • Educational provision for children

  • Emergency medical costs

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Adfinity Financial Services offers an independent range of local and international savings and investment solutions. We do rigorous due diligence on the products, investment platforms and underlying funds for the client. We offer short, medium and long term investment solutions in the local and global markets.

Investment and saving goals can include:

  • Long-term savings

  • Education provision

  • Wealth creation for the next generation

  • Second property

  • Meeting your short term goals

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Make sure the money you have today is there for your tomorrow.

Special focus is placed on setting realistic and sustainable retirement goals and we actively manage solutions to optimise the client’s retirement lifestyle.

The following aspects are addressed:

  • An inflation-beating investment strategy

  • Set clear income and capital goals

  • Post-retirment cash flow

  • Pre- and post-retirement tax planning

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In order to optimize your tax benefits of income and investment portfolios, we offer an integrated personal tax service, which includes:

  • Tax consulting

  • Tax effective strategies report (Taking latest changes in legislation into account)

  • Submitting tax returns via SARS E-filing

  • Scanning and storing of all documents

  • Handling of tax queries and SARS audits

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Adfinity Financial Services provides investment and business insurance solutions, ranging from SMME’s to complex family businesses.

A holistic financial plan succeeds in building wealth by taking into account investment, tax and legal implications.

Service includes:

Audit of existing or possible new company EB (Employer Benefit) and Assurance contracts

Employment Benefits:

Adfinity takes a unique view on the provision of EB benefits. Our offerings do not just include the implementation of an EB scheme. We believe that we need to play a role in uplifting your staff. We offer a comprehensive financial skills upliftment program that includes the following:

  • Budgeting

  • Dealing with debt

  • Overview of the EB benefits

  • Overview of other financial products (Funeral plans, Life cover, Endowments, Collective investments, Educational Saving plans and Retirement annuities

  • The importance of having a will

Advanced investment models are also available to more senior staff and executives that include:

  • Strategic asset allocation options

  • Local and offshore investments

  • Estate planning

Assurance contracts:

The drafting and/or regular review of the following:

  • Buy-and-sell agreements

  • Key person insurance

  • Partner and shareholder exit strategy and financing

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